Farm Tour

Our Farm From The Air

Heavenly Hawaiian Farm and The Other Farm are adjacent orchards at 1600′ elevation in the Kona District on the beautiful Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This is the only region where the famous Kona coffee is grown.

kona-coffee-farmMeet the Bateman’s, the Heavenly Hawaiian Farms coffee farmers who work and supervise in the fields pruning coffee trees and watering.



farmpic_02These Estate farms produce a unique Kona coffee which is not mixed with other farms. The high quality coffee is a result of the fine volcanic soils, excellent climate, sunshine, cloud cover and 60″ of rain every year. Additionally, the trees are hand pruned after cherry picking.


hawaiian-kona-coffee-onlineIn the early spring the coffee trees bloom with “Kona snow.”




Soon the ripe red coffee cherry are ready to pick.




farmpic_05Dave with a full bin of cherry ready for pulping.




buy-kona-coffeeFarmer Dave up to his ankles in drying parchment.




buy-kona-coffee-onlineThe parchment is stored until it is time to drymill.