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HH Green Estate Beans Kona Coffee - 5 lb Bag

Dennis Kearl
These beans are a favorite of mine and my customers. The flavors are amazing through all of the roasting range!...

Dark Chocolate Covered Peaberry - 8 oz

My husband and my kids tried these white & chocolate cover coffee beans and they could not stop eating it. My son said told us he will save some for later and land up eating it all. We tried different coffee companies and nothing compares there beans to this. It is nice and crunchy that it is easy to eat. Not like the other companies where there beans you have to spit out. This is AWSOME. You got to try it....

HH Decaf Kona Coffee - Vienna Roasted Ground - 8 oz. Bag

jose ibarra
es muy rica su aroma y su savor (very rich aroma and taste)

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