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HEAVENLY HAWAIIAN FARM 100% Kona Coffee (HH) comes from our first 6-acre orchard planted with Kona Typica (Guatamalian strain) coffee tree seedlings. Heavenly Hawaiian is a smooth flavored, mellow coffee with modest acidity - never any bitter after taste, no matter how strong you brew it. This portion of our farm has now expanded to 20 acres. This coffee won  2nd place in the 2013 UCC Kona Coffee Festival, Crown Division.


THE OTHER FARM 100% Kona Coffee (TOF) comes from our original unique, 3-acre orchard planted in trees with Kona Arabica tops grafted onto African Liberican Kona nematode-resistant root stock. These trees are a Guatamalian strain genetically crossed with a Costa Rican strain. These trees were developed in conjunction with the work of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to combat the Kona-specific nematode. This portion of our farm is also now expanded to 11 acres.

The first crop from these trees won 1st Place in the 2000 Cup for the Millennium Kona Coffee Cupping Contest. The judges pronounced this 100% Kona Coffee tasted the best like outstanding 100% Kona Coffee should taste - always robust flavor but mellow and never a bitter after taste.



The judges declared our Big Bean Reserve 100% Kona Coffee (BBR) to be the best of Kona and the best coffee (First Place) in Hawaii in 2012. These trees are planted on 1 acre of the farm just below the large water tank at the top of the farm.


100% Hawaiian Coffee is grown on our HH and TOF farms and has a taste very comparable to our 100% Kona Coffee. It is graded differently from our Kona Coffee and is more competitively priced.


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